PG Drives Technology

PG Drives Technology products comprise of AC and DC motor controllers, systems for medical mobility powerchairs and wheelchairs, as well as other small electric vehicles.


The products are the legacy of the PG Drives Technology company, formerly part of Penny & Giles, founded in 1976 and acquired by Curtiss-Wright in 2012. 


PG Drives Technology, formerly known as Penny & Giles Drives Technology, began designing, manufacturing and marketing sophisticated motor speed controllers in 1976, and the company became established as the world's foremost supplier of such products for mobility vehicles. In addition to leading this market sector, PG Drives Technology became a recognized supplier for industrial and other type of specialist electric vehicles.

The company invested in a modern UK design and manufacturing site, a fully equipped sales and service facility in the USA and general support offices in Taiwan and Hong Kong; as well as setting up authorized service centers, system integrators and distribution partners around the world.

A determination to provide the very best in innovative control solutions means customers are assured of excellent support during design and manufacture of their own products. State-of-the-art design tools and techniques are used extensively, resulting in fast and efficient development programs which are able to react to changing market requirements.

All products are designed to meet the latest international safety standards utilize design and manufacturing processes accredited to ISO 9001.



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