Standard Power Module - 120A

Standard Power Module - 120A

The R-net Power Module can supply an incredible 120A to each motor.

  • High power - up to 120A per channel
  • Advanced and precise drive control
  • Mirrors all system programming
  • Two universal inhibit inputs
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Standard Power Module - 120A

Curtiss-Wright has invested heavily in specialist drive test equipment that allows detailed analysis of control system behaviour and performance over all wheelchair operating conditions. For example, gradient control, curb climbing and high speed driving. This, coupled with the ever increasing speed and performance of microprocessors, means the R-net Power Module contains state-of-the-art drive control software, which provides new levels of responsiveness and user comfort without the need for complex and expensive motor types. As well as finesse of control, the R-net Power Module can supply an incredible 120A to each motor. This is in excess of 20% more than other Power Modules and will allow designers to produce faster and higher gradient rated powerchairs.

A copy of entire system's program is held within the Power Module, which means the replacement of any other modules does not require programming, thereby making servicing and repair simple and easy.

The R-net Power Module contains two extremely versatile inhibit inputs. These can be programmed to provide varying levels of speed reduction, full drive inhibits or prevention of movement of seat adjustment motors.

Product Codes:
R-net PM120 120A max. current
Cable must be ordered separately: 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 2.0m or 2.5m                   

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