09 October 2020

Curtiss-Wright Introduces New BLDC Motor Powerchair Control System

The nVR2 BLDC Control System is the first, European-designed controller for Brushless DC powerchairs to be fully compliant with North American, European and Asian Standards.

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Christchurch, U.K. – Friday, 9 October, 2020 – Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial Division announces the launch of the nVR2 BLDC Powerchair Control System. Designed specifically to meet the requirements of small powerchairs fitted with Brushless DC motors, the nVR2 BLDC Powerchair Control System is the ideal choice for OEMs. The product is compliant with all relevant international standards and independently certified by TÜV. Curtiss-Wright can provide documentation in support of FDA 510(k) submissions, as well as information for MDR CE-marking and documentation packs suitable for the CFDA and KFDA.

Designed by the Corporation’s PG Drives Technology product brand development team, the nVR2 BLDC Powerchair Control System provides superb driving performance across a wide range of BLDC motors.

The Power Module, fitted with industry-standard connectors, can supply 40A rms to each motor at peak power. Consuming minimal current while switched off, the Control System easily meets international standards, even when the chair is fitted with small-capacity (5Ah) batteries, typical in this type of application.

The nVR2 BLDC Powerchair Control System also features a flexible Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI) algorithm allowing manufacturers to effectively set different discharge curves for various battery types. In addition, the Power Module is fitted with a Battery Management System (BMS) interface. As a future-proofing feature, this can be connected to a Li-ion BMS to provide accurate state-of-charge information, as well as exchanging an array of data, such as battery temperature and error codes.

Featuring simple, easy-to-use controls, the nVR2 BLDC Powerchair Control System’s Joystick Module, with its sleek and compact design, lends itself perfectly to indoor use. An optional sealing cover is available for the Power Module, if the powerchair is required to be used outdoors.

Finally, adjusting the nVR2 BLDC Powerchair Control System to suit the end-user, can be achieved with ease, utilizing Curtiss-Wright’s established programming tools.

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