Penny & Giles Sensors specified for London´s Tower Bridge project

The SLS320 sensors provide feedback on the position of eight resting blocks (tapered wedges) that are used to adjust the bridgeís two bascules. The resting blocks move to take the load off bearings and spread it evenly, give better support to the bridge in its resting position and adjust its resting height for better alignment.

East to west movement of the resting blocks changes their vertical height in relation to the bridge deck, either increasing or decreasing the support. Each of the resting blocks is fitted with two SLS320 sensors ñ one on duty and one on standby ñ to indicate its position. Each one is also fitted with a load cell to indicate the load applied in that position.

L E S Engineering, a multi-disciplined national engineering contractor, specified the SLS320s with compact shafts, IP66 sealing and 10m cables.

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