JC120 - Single-Axis, Low-Power, Fingertip Joystick

JC120 - Single-Axis, Low-Power, Fingertip Joystick

Developed for applications where ergonomics and system integrity are paramount, the JC120 is a minimum-width, low-profile joystick controller that provides smooth, precise fingertip control in one axis with a choice of two lever lengths.

  • Width only 26.5mm
  • Low-profile ergonomic design
  • Choice of lever heights
  • Center-return spring mechanism
  • Sealed to IP67 with optional neoprene boot for aggressive particle protection
  • Choice of track resistance values and output ranges
  • Standard Molex automotive connector
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JC120 - Single-Axis, Low-Power, Fingertip Joystick

The JC120 is sealed to IP66 to enable it to operate in extreme environments. Standing only 54mm or 64mm high, the JC120 is less susceptible to unintentional operation. With all of the components contained within the paddle, it is ideal for mounting in low-profile panels and arm rests.

Installation time has been reduced through the use of a standard 7-pin Molex electronic connector, and the joystick has been designed for maintenance-free operation throughout on operating life of greater than five million operations.

An optional neoprene boot is available for the short-handle version, allowing operation in environments where aggressive materials are present, protecting from dust and dirt ingress.

Typical applications include remote-control chest packs and the control of construction, agricultural or material handling equipment.


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