SRH880P - Contactless, Submersible Rotary Sensor

SRH880P - Contactless, Submersible Rotary Sensor

The SRH880P submersible, contactless rotary sensor has been specially developed to meet the harsh operating requirements in heavy-duty industrial position-sensing applications.

  • Contactless - Hall-effect technology
  • Single output channel
  • 5Vdc or 9-30Vdc supply
  • Total sensor measurement range from 0-20° to 0-360°
  • Analogue or Digital (PWM) output
  • 12-bit resolution over selected measuring range
  • Low noise level (1mVrms) on output signal
  • Rugged 88mm housing design, available in aluminium or stainless steel
  • Superior shaft strength with double-bearing support
  • Operating temperature -40° to +120°C
  • Environmental protection to IP68
  • M12 connector for easy installation
  • Mating cabled socket with 2m or 5m cable length
  • Rapid availability
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SRH880P - Contactless, Submersible Rotary Sensor

The SRH880P sensor operates from 9-30Vdc unregulated or 5Vdc regulated supply and is available with analog (0.5-4.5Vdc) or digital (PWM) output signals. The sensor is factory programmable, allowing you to specify the output signal type, the measurement range (0-20° to 0-360° in 1° increments) and the output direction (clockwise or anticlockwise).

The sensor has a 12-bit resolution (0.025%) over the selected measuring range, and operates from -40° to +120°C when powered at 5 or 9Vdc.

This model can operate at a submerged depth of 2m (6.5 feet).


SRH880P Product Brochure

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