WM-830 - Non-Contact, Rotary Position Sensor

WM-830 - Non-Contact, Rotary Position Sensor

The WM-830 is a cost-effective rotary sensor utilising proven Hall-effect technology to ensure accurate and reliable measurement of angular position.

  • No-contact, Hall-effect technology
  • Internal shaft
  • Measurement angle 48.5°
  • 5V supply
  • Dual-redundant outputs
  • Fail-safe outputs
  • Voltage or PWM output options
  • Environmentally robust
  • Packard Electric ‘Metri-Pack’ 150 series connector
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WM-830 - Non-Contact, Rotary Position Sensor

Mechanical engagement with the rotating portion of the sensor is via a slotted cavity, while the electrical output span corresponds to a rotation of 48.5°.

Operation is from a 5V supply, typically derived from the electronic control unit to which the sensor is connected. Dual on-board circuits are electrically isolated from each other, so providing truly independent voltage outputs – one at 50% the level of the other – thereby allowing the host electronics to detect output errors. Further integrity is provided as the outputs enter pre-defined states in the event of connection errors to the sensor. PWM output options are also available on request.

A robust mechanical design offers exception levels of performance with respect to water and dust, shock, vibration and temperature, meaning the sensor is ideal for use in hostile, on- and off-highway vehicle environments.

Connection to the WM-830 is via the industry-standard, Packard Electric ‘Metri-Pack’ 150 series of connectors, which offer high-reliability performance across all operating conditions.


WM830 Product Brochure

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WM830 Technical Information

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