CAN Actuator

CAN Actuator

The Curtiss-Wright CAN actuator is a drive-by wire alternative to the typical push/pull cable mechanical shifter to rotate the shift shaft on variety of On- and Off-Highway vehicle transmissions.
  • 3 or 4 Button Vertical & Horizontal snap in mounting
  • Soft elastomeric buttons for positive tactile feedback
  • Redundant non-contact high cycle life switching
  • J1939 Protocol CAN output
  • IP67 sealing for environments demanding dust/moisture protection
  • Neutral rim tactile identification to maintain driver’s eyes on the road
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CAN Actuator

Originally developed for Allison 1000/2000 transmissions, this next generation technology can be adapted for other OEM’s transmissions.The CAN Actuator receives J1939 CAN messages from a CAN shifter installed in the vehicle and rotates the Allison shift shaft to the requested position. The CAN Actuator is also equipped with PWM input to be used as a secondary shift strategy and I/O to be utilized as necessary depending on the application. 

The Curtiss-Wright Global Strip Switch Shifter, works in combination with the CAN Actuator in automatic transmissions for On- and Off-Highway vehicles. Available in standard design and also custom designs for OEM's.

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