T83 - Manual Transmission Shifter

T83 - Manual Transmission Shifter

The T83 Automatic Transmission Shifter provides a stylish, ergonomic design with durable, long-life construction. 

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T83 - Manual Transmission Shifter

The compact, space-saving design contains many features required in modern vehicles, while easily fitting into existing Medium-Duty Truck and School Bus designs.

The T83 is manufactured to the highest standards, encompassing simplicity and commonality of components. It can be adapted to fit specific applications and environments with a number of design and electrical options. It is an economical, reliable and adaptable solution for vehicle OEMs that use Mechanically Actuated Automatic Transmissions.

The T83 features customizable handles, allowing Vehicle OEMs to select a rugged transmission shifter with exceptional functionality that complements their dashboard design. In addition, the T83 display can be modified to reflect different transmission points required by the vehicle application.

The T83 Shifter is designed for all brands of Mechanically Actuated Automatic Transmissions equipped with an external Shift Shaft used on Medium-Duty Trucks and Buses.

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