T12 & T20 - Powershift Transmissions Control

T12 & T20 - Powershift Transmissions Control

Arens' line of mechanical controls for powershift transmissions are available with one (T12) or two (T20) levers to activate push-pull cables.

  • Integrated system approach with both the Control and Connector Kit
  • Designed specifically for use on heavy-duty mobile equipment
  • All wearing surfaces, including the levers and gate plates, are case-hardened steel
  • The gate plate and output levers are arranged to move to reverse and low gear with the same lever movement
  • The controls are assembled to accommodate any standard 3" stroke push-pull cable having 1/4-28 or 5/16-24 rod ends
  • Gate plate markings are silk-screened in bold, white characters and over-coated with clear polyurethane
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T12 & T20 - Powershift Transmissions Control

For manual control of hydrostatic valves;

  • T12 Series - Single Lever Control
  • T20 Series - Dual Lever Control

While the control levers are the most visible part of the system, the key to a functional control system is the Transmission Connector Kit (TCK). The TCK is the device that moves the transmission control valves, thereby translating the motion of the control lever to the valves on the transmission. The Arens TCK allows smooth and effortless shifting.

Special designs incorporating multiple lever packages, interlocks, mechanical or electrical output, and other requirements have been developed to individual customer specifications.


T12 & T20 Shifter Brochure

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CWID Transmission Shifters Brochure

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