The newVSI electric wheelchair controller provides a solution for wheelchair designs that require a simple and compact integral package.

  • Compact design
  • 50A power rating
  • High-definition LED display
  • Industry-standard connections
  • Flexible cable, for easy routing
  • Designed for ease of installation
  • Integrated heat shield
  • Improved drive control
  • Advanced service functions
  • Live diagnostic functions
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Compact and Robust Integral Design

An electric wheelchair controller to provide a solution for wheelchair designs that require a simple and compact integral package.

Simple to Install and Program

The newVSI is supplied with industry-standard cable options, with either Beau or Anderson connections to the battery and motors. This, in addition to the same mounting detail as the VSI controller, enables an easy transition from that product to the newVSI. It is also possible to program the newVSI with program files from the existing VSI.

Improved Drive Control

An enhanced drive-control algorithm is included to provide the smooth feel that customers have come to expect from the world’s leading wheelchair controller manufacturer.

Ease of Servicing

A service reminder can be set to indicate to the user when routine maintenance may be due, while connection of the advanced programmer allows the provider or service agent to access live system information, such as temperature, battery voltage or motor currents, in order to aid the diagnostic process.

Product Codes:
newVSI Anderson 50A drive-only with Anderson connectors on 1.2m cable
newVSI Beau 50A drive-only with Beau connector on 1.0m cable

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