Wireless Programmer - Wi-Fi Dongle

Wireless Programmer - Wi-Fi Dongle

Wi-Fi Dongle – browser-based programming; no Apps or software to download.

  • Wireless programming of R-net control systems
  • Compatible with previously shipped powerchairs
  • No Apps or installable software required
  • Any device with a contemporary internet browser can be used as a programming tool
  • No authorization process required
  • No operating system compatibility concerns
  • Easily upgradeable online for future functionality
  • Can be used as a file-storage device
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Wireless Programmer - Wi-Fi Dongle

The Wi-Fi Dongle brings wireless programming to all CW-PGDT R-net powerchair control systems – even those already in the field. The Dongle actually contains a local website that presents a programming interface and a Wi-Fi connection, which means that any device with an internet browser can be used as a programming tool. The Wi-Fi connection is local between the Dongle and a device – no internet connection is required.

It is not necessary to install any App or other software - any device with an interner browser can be used as a proramming and diagnostics tool. The connection process from a device to the Dongle is simple and secure; for example, no different to logging-on to a Wi-Fi network in a coffee shop or hotel. Unlike software-only solutions, which require online registration of individual devices, possession of the Dongle provides security against unauthorised programming. 

New devices or operating system revisions often mean that installed Apps or software no longer function and themselves need upgrading. Because the CW solution is website based, these concerns are completely removed. Upgrades to the Dongle’s software may be required, however, to support product enhancements or new-model control systems. In this case, upgrades are free of charge and effected via a simple, online process.

Connection of the Dongle to a powerchair is exactly the same as the CW-PGDT existing R-net programming tool, i.e. via the R-net bus. The Dongle can also be powered via its USB connection to allow file management away from a powerchair. In addition, on-board memory means the Dongle can be used to store programming files or other information such as operating instructions.

Product Codes:
WIRELESS PROGRAMMER – ETSI Intended for use in Europe
WIRELESS PROGRAMMER – FCC & IC Intended for use in North America
WIRELESS PROGRAMMER – GITECKI Intended for use in Japan



Wi-Fi Dongle Brochure

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