Benefits for Providers and Dealers

Benefits for Providers and Dealers

Key benefits described, Connect & Go / Future-Proof, Multiple Input & Output Devices & Profiles.

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Benefits for Providers and Dealers

Connect & Go / Future-Proof

The R-net protocol takes into account many issues that affect wheelchair dealers and therapists, such as: ease of installation, servicing, programming and upgrading wheelchairs to account for progressive conditions. Throughout the whole development program of R-net, the philosophy is one of ”Connect & Go”, i.e. modules can just be connected and will function without the need for complex programming. No other currently available powered wheelchair system is as flexible, intelligent or as easy to set-up as R-net. In a similar vein, R-net was designed to be able to accommodate further expansion. The protocol allows new modules to be added to existing systems and to automatically teach the system about their capabilities and programming requirements, without the user having to do any programming. R-net is therefore “Future-Proof” – easy to upgrade as new modules become available.

Multiple Input & Output Devices

One of the key design objectives of R-net System is to allow simple installation and control of multiple Input Devices. For example, the ability to connect a standard type Joystick Module and a Specialty Input Device into the same system. There is no need for any complex programming, and the potentially complex issue of safe transfer of control between the Input Devices is made simple and easy.

Apart from multiple Input Devices, R-net can control multiple Output Devices, such as seating control modules, Bluetooth mouse modules and infra-red control via the Omni. This huge flexibility is made easy to use through R-net’s “Connect & Go” and “Future-Proof” capabilities.


R-net can be set-up to work with single or multiple profiles, thereby addressing all systems – from the simple to the sophisticated. Profiles are used to control the overall characteristics of a powered wheelchair, allowing the whole performance to be changed at just the touch of a button. A total of eight profiles can be supported and each can be dedicated to be multiple or single mode operation. Modes that may be accessed within a profile include output module functions such as seating systems, Infra-Red control or PC Mouse control. The quantity and flexibility of R-net’s profiles offers unmatched simplicity of control over all the drive characteristics and ancillary functions available on even the most complex of powered wheelchairs.

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