Tilt Module

Tilt Module

The R-net Tilt Module measures the real angle of tilt of a wheelchair’s seating system and encodes this information onto the R-net bus as standard inhibit messages, which can be interpreted by other modules to effect seat movement inhibits or drive speed limits. 

  • Real-world, Solid-state, Roller-ball
  • Measures real world angle
  • Solid state sensing
  • Alternative to mercury or roller ball switches
  • Programmable Orientations
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Tilt Module

Traditional methods of angle measurement have included mercury or roller-ball switches, both of which are sensitive to the wheelchair driving over bumpy surfaces, while mercury is not permitted in certain environments, such as aircraft. In addition, because these methods are switch based, then if different angles for a function are required the switches have to be physically re-positioned. However because the Tilt Module is an analogue measuring device, then the system can be simply re-programmed to provide adjustable angular interlocks. This programming is undertaken using the wide range of existing R-net programming tools.

To provide further versatility, the Tilt Modules can be mounted in eight different orientations and programmed accordingly, so providing maximum flexibility in power chair design. Continuing with the plug and play philosophy of R-net, the Tilt Module can be used in conjunction with any combination of R-net modules.

Product Codes:
R-net TM R-net Tilt Module

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