Penny & Giles joystick provides vital steering interface for Griffon Hovercraft

Griffon hovercraft are in service with navy, army and paramilitary customers throughout the world. Commercial applications include passenger and tourist ferries, hydrographic and seismic surveys, crash rescue and firefighting, mobile medical clinics, oil rig support, logistics and civil engineering support.

Operating in such varied and demanding conditions requires a flexible and sensitive steering/trim control system. For its 8000TD and 3000TD models GHL has chosen the Penny & Giles JC150 joystick controller with an optional 4-button HC-Handle, to provide this vital man-machine interface.

Explains GHL spokesman Russ Bagley: ìThe JC150 provides side-to-side control for the steering in conjunction with a Hamilton-Wagner powered hydraulic steering system. Two buttons each on the HC-Handle, control the skirt shift and elevators, which provide the accurate lateral and longitudinal trim that keeps the craft level.î

Commenting on the choice of joystick he says: ìHamilton-Wagner suggested we try the JC150 and it certainly fits the bill. We have equipped eight hovercraft so far and we are very pleased with its performance.î

Six Griffon 8000TD hovercraft are used by the Indian Coast Guard for anti-smuggling and anti-infiltration duties in very shallow water around India´s extensive coastline and offshore islands. This model has a top speed of 50 knots, a payload of 8 tonnes and is armed with a half-inch machine gun.

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