WM-536 - Electronic Floor Pedal

WM-536 - Electronic Floor Pedal

Commonly used drop-in replacement for mechanical throttle systems.

  • 45° pedal
  • FMVSS-124 and 302 compliant
  • Ratiometric APS output
  • Form C IVS output 
  • Isolated APS/IVS sealed
  • Electronics IP66 sealed
  • +5V operation
  • -40°C to +85°C operation
  • Integral preload spring
  • Metripak 150-series compatible connector
  • Protected against electrical misconnection (indefinite duration)
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WM-536 - Electronic Floor Pedal

The WM-536 Electronic Floor Pedal is designed for all off-highway, commercial vehicle applications. It is most commonly used as a drop-in replacement for mechanical throttle systems as they changed to drive-by-wire.

The units design allows for below deck placement of the pedal mechanism and its sensor. Equipped with a Hall Effect non-contact sensor, the WM-536 can be programmed for analog output and/or integrated switches. The electronics are IP66 sealed and highly EMI resistant (SAE J1113). The WM-536 treadle angle is 45° from the cab floor. The Throttle Control is an all metal construction, with the treadle featuring built-in vents which offer improved foot traction.


WM-536 Technical Information

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CWID Throttle Controls Brochure

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