WM-547 -  Rotary Hand Control

WM-547 - Rotary Hand Control

WM-547 Rotary Hand Controls are designed for a variety of off-highway applications.

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WM-547 - Rotary Hand Control

It is infinitely variable between 0° and 90° with applicable uses that include engine RPM, chassis module inputs and hydraulic pump control. The Rotary Hand Control is environmentally protected allowing it to be mounted inside or outside the cab.

The Rotary Hand Control unit is equipped with a Hall-effect, non-contact sensor that can be programmed for analog output and/or integrated switches. The electronics are IP67 sealed and highly EMI resistant (SAE J1113). In addition, the unit can be customized with contact or PWM sensors.

The unit is available with multiple shaft orientations and two sensor positions for added flexibility. It has a Nylon 66 body with a thermoplastic elastomer, over-molded knob for improved tactile feel. The color of the knob can be customized depending on the application.


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