JC030 - Single-Axis, Low-Power, Fingertip Rocker Switch

JC030 - Single-Axis, Low-Power, Fingertip Rocker Switch

The JC030 single-axis, low-power, fingertip rocker allows system designers to provide control of movement and speed in a single, low-profile unit.

  • Low profile
  • Analogue and switched outputs
  • Center-return spring mechanism
  • Choice of track resistance values and output ranges
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JC030 - Single-Axis, Low-Power, Fingertip Rocker Switch

Developed for applications where compact size and minimal above panel height is paramount, the JC030 has a very low profile whilst still providing precise, fingertip control in one axis. The use of this rocker in a control panel allows system designers to develop very low-profile assemblies, whilst still maintaining the functionality of a much larger single-axis joystick.

This rocker is designed for maintenance-free operation throughout an operating life of greater than five million operations. Typical applications include remote-control chest packs; pendant controllers; low-profile panel assemblies and control consoles.

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