JC2000 - Multi-Axis Contactless Joystick Controller

JC2000 - Multi-Axis Contactless Joystick Controller

The JC2000 contactless joystick controller is designed for precision, fingertip control applications, where safety and long, trouble-free life are primary requirements.

  • Compact size
  • Depth below panel less than 31mm
  • Contactless sensing system
  • No flexing wires (except when handle switches fitted)
  • Dual independant outputs on single/dual axis versions
  • Choice of grips with or without switch
  • Aligned seats (low force lever guidance)
  • Polarised latching connector
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JC2000 - Multi-Axis Contactless Joystick Controller

Available in single-, dual or three-axis configurations and can accommodate a choice of grips, including pushbutton switch versions.

The JC2000's compact size, low operational force and high reliability are ideal for applications, which include powered wheelchair controllers, robotic-teach controllers, co-ordinate measuring machines, medical and CCTV equipment, professional camera controls and radio or infra-red crane chest-pack controllers


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