Curtiss-Wright Traction Inverters

Curtiss-Wright Traction Inverters

The CWTI family of traction inverters offers the best overall performance of any comparable IGBT inverter on the market. Suitable for all hybrid and EV applications. 

  • Proprietary adaptive tuning software automatically adjusts during changes in motor and system conditions for torque and power requirements. 
  • Provides complete diagnostic tools and reduces the need for additional tuning and field support. 
  • Off the shelf products that could allow for smaller motor options, lighter weight, and lower development cost. 
  • Minimizes battery consumption, that will increase miles per charge, longer battery life, lower operating cost and end of life costs.
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Curtiss-Wright Traction Inverters

Combining the strength and stability of Curtiss-Wright with the innovation capabilities of our experienced development team the latest generation of traction inverters bring real improvements to the efficiency of the electric power drive system. 

Designed for heavy duty use the CWTI’s are built using the highest grade materials making them extremely rugged and robust. Inside they are equally as strong, packed full of innovative technology and our unique, proprietry Adaptive Control Software.

Each unit enables unparalled real-time control and management of the whole power system, meaning you get the absolute best performance matched to the current operating conditions.

As a technological innovation that separates our offering from other inverters in the marketplace, our proprietary CW adaptive motor control software continuously monitors and adjusts to optimize motor performance by executing real-time “adaptive motor tuning” to compensate for changing system conditions.

Our software test results show power and torque increases up to 38% over conventional motor control methods. CW’s motor control software provides our customers with maximum motor performance, thereby optimizing the size and cost of the electric motor and the overall system.

The motor efficiency gains through the software correlate directly to improved vehicle performance and a more efficient system.

Additional features include: 

  • Real-time on-die IGBT temperature and current sensing
  • Robust design using vehicle grade components
  • Fast customer vehicle integration and development 
  • Designed for ISO 26262 
  • IGBT System integration  
  • Overall Flexibility




CWTI S420 Brochure

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CWTI D420 Brochure

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