T75 - Manual Transmission Shifter

T75 - Manual Transmission Shifter

The T75 Automatic Transmission Control is designed to allow manual control of automatic transmissions. This compact unit houses many features required in today's vehicles, while allowing for an easy transition to the manual transmission shifter features of tomorrow.

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T75 - Manual Transmission Shifter

The T75 designed for the Allison 1000, 2000 and 2400 Series Transmissions, but may be adapted for use with other transmission manufacturers. Its ergonomic handle has an easily accessible, optional mode switch and the shift lever is positively detented in each position to prevent an inadvertent shift. 

The force required to move the lever from park position is significantly lower due to innovative cable actuation geometry. A strategically angled display provides greater visibility to the operator for both dashboard and console mounted controls. A variety of options are available for even more flexibility of fit and function.


  • Side or top Mount
  • Display indicator
  • Handle logo
  • Mode switch
  • LED indicator
  • Park and/or neutral lock
  • Right- or left-handed Shifter
  • Wiring harness
  • Transmission connector kits

T75 Manual Transmission Shifter Brochure

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CWID Transmission Shifters Brochure

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