ICT080 - Contactless In-Cylinder Linear Transducer

ICT080 - Contactless In-Cylinder Linear Transducer

The ICT080 Contactless In-Cylinder Linear Transducer combines the best features associated with LVDTs and potentiometers into one rugged, contactless and highly reliable displacement transducer.

  • Working pressure to 670 bar (10,000 psi)
  • High temperature capability to +200°C (+392°F) [Order Code H]
  • Low temperature capability to -55°C (-67°F)     [Order Code L]
  • Small transducer body length to stroke ratio
  • Infinite resolution
  • Absolute measurement
  • Choice of linearity bands [A=0.25% max.; B=0.5% max.]
  • Flexible mounting styles
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • CE approved
  • Rapid despatch of any option
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ICT080 - Contactless In-Cylinder Linear Transducer

With a body diameter of only 8mm the ICT080 linear displacement transducer is ideal for installation into hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder applications where space is at a premium.The ICT080 is ideal for use on small-bore actuators and offers a choice of internal or threaded flange mounting configurations to suit tie-rod, welded and rear clevis-mounted cylinder types in stroke ranges from 25 to 1000mm. Two core configurations also provide the designer the following options:

  • SLEEVED CORE - cylinder rods can be simply machined to accommodate the sleeve. This also gives the option of retro-fitting existing servo-cylinders with an upgrade to ICT technology.

  • THREADED CORE - provides the designer with the minimum transducer body size and simplified installation requiring minimal machining.

With no electrical sliding contacts, the ICT080 has a working life which is almost limitless.

Signal conditioning is carried out in a separate electronics package (EICT) which can be located up to 10 metres away from the harsh environment in which the linear displacement transducer may be required to operate. Operating from 10 to 60Vdc, the electronics module can provide a wide range of voltage output signals as well as a 4-20mA option. The electronics is housed in a high strength IP66 enclosure and includes user adjustment for zero and gain.

The ICT080 Contactless In-Cylinder Linear Transducer has been specifically designed for small bore mobile and static hydro-pneumatic actuators.

Designed primarily for the off-highway markets, the ICT080 linear transducer provides reliable, fit-and-forget position sensing of the cylinder rod in actuators with strokes up to 1000mm, with a body diameter of only 8mm.

It is a robust, non-contact transducer suitable for the harsh conditions of lifting and steering position applications and hydropneumatic active suspension systems. It works on an inductive coil principle, with virtually infinite resolution and is capable ofwithstanding temperatures down to -55°C and up to 200°C , with working pressures up to 670Bar (10,000psi)


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