SLS095 - Linear Displacement Sensor

SLS095 - Linear Displacement Sensor

The SLS095 is a range of linear position sensors designed to provide maximum performance benefits within an extremely compact, lightweight package in stroke lengths from 10 to 100mm.

  • Short body to stroke length
  • Sealing to IP66 and corrosion-resistant rod-end bearings
  • Cable assembly integrally moulded
  • Significantly reduced weight
  • Rapid delivery
  • CE approved
  • Replacement for Penny & Giles HLP095 linear potentiometer
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SLS095 - Linear Displacement Sensor

Using the proven benefits of Hybrid Track Technology and including a number of unique design features, the SLS095 is ideally suited to high volume OEM manufacturers, where high performance and reliability with competitive pricing and rapid despatch has paramount importance.

The miniature size of this new sensor makes it ideal for applications in robotics, animatronics, medical equipment and motorsport data acquisition.


SLS095 Technical Brochure

Open Technical Brochure

SLS Declaration of Compliance

Open Declaration

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