Shift-by-Wire System

Shift-by-Wire System

The Curtiss-Wright Shift-by-Wire system combines advanced solid-state, electronic, pushbutton shift systems with transmission actuators.

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Shift-by-Wire System

The Shift By Wire (SBW) System converts Mechanically Actuated Automatic Transmissions into Electronically Shifted Transmissions. Vehicle OEMs can easily integrate this space-saving system into their chassis with minimal wiring required.

Shift By Wire allows Vehicle OEMs to integrate more than just transmission shifting into a single controller. Six Input and Two Output connections give Vehicle OEMs unprecedented control over auxiliary systems while improving operator efficiency.

Currently manufactured for several OEMs including Allison, Eaton, CAT and Komatsu, our Shift By Wire Actuators are adapable to the application and can be directly installed horizontally or vertically on the Transmission or remotely if required.

CAN J1939 Communications are standard on the Shift By Wire System, streamlining integration into the vehicle architecture.

Up to seven buttons are available on the Shift By Wire Controller, giving vehicle OEMs a wide range of control over Transmission or ancillary functions. The MODE Buttons gives direct control over critical functions including a Power Take Off from the truck engine.

The Shift By Wire (SBW) system provides Vehicle OEMs with a reliable platform for effortless shifting, integrated safety feature, integration with custom vehicle features, reduced space claim and improved operator productivity.


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