CAN Pushbutton Shift Selector

CAN Pushbutton Shift Selector

Proven technology has been combined with a universal, CAN-capable, electronic shift selector that can be custom programmed to meet application-specific needs.

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CAN Pushbutton Shift Selector

Engineers can select from a wide range of options designed to compliment the units' many standard features resulting in enhanced vehicle performance and overall operator control.

These shifters can also be integrated with external auxiliary shifters to enable multiple shifting options (such as a secondary shifter found in a second vehicle cab like a ladder fire truck, on the other side the same cab like a postal vehicle, or in a people lift bucket on a utility truck) or multiple locations for the primary driver (such as a paddle shifter mounted to the steering column) in addition to the primary shifter mounted on the dash.



CWID Transmission Shifters Brochure

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