GK0641 - Latching Solenoid (Permanent Magnet)

GK0641 - Latching Solenoid (Permanent Magnet)

Model GK0641 is a bi-stable latching solenoid that utilizes a permanent magnet in conjunction with a solenoid coil to maintain the position of the plunger with no current applied.

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GK0641 - Latching Solenoid (Permanent Magnet)

  • Pull or thrust types available
  • Bi-stable latching
  • Optional voltage ratings
  • Long life characteristics
  • 41mm x 13mm x16mm

Latching solenoids are ideally suited to continuous duty applications, since even without power, the plunger and load will remain latched in the energized position. Applications for latching solenoids include automatic door closers, locks, latching mechanisms, medical equipment, security devices, and battery powered equipment.

PDFs: gk0641_technical_data.pdf

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