ML1951 - AC Laminated Solenoid (Model TT4)

ML1951 - AC Laminated Solenoid (Model TT4)

AC operated solenoids have an in-rush current, providing a high initial stroke force, and can utilise longer strokes than DC solenoids for the above reason.

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ML1951 - AC Laminated Solenoid (Model TT4)

  • High force/small size
  • Flying leads or tags
  • Optional voltage ratings
  • Optional encapsulated coil
  • Available from RS & Farnell
  • 51mm x 19mm x 53mm
  • 100% power 15 Watts ac
  • 12N force at 16mm stroke

AC laminated solenoids may 'hum' in operation, depending on the application conditions. It is important to ensure that the armature (plunger & yoke) be allowed to seat, otherwise over-heating of the solenoid coil may occur.

PDFs: ml1951_technical_data.pdf

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