SLS220 - Linear Displacement Sensor

SLS220 - Linear Displacement Sensor

The SLS220 is a linear position sensor available in stroke lengths of 10 and 20mm, with a spring-loaded operating shaft.

  • Spring-loaded shaft with 10 and 20mm stroke range
  • Cable assembly integrally moulded
  • Rapid delivery
  • CE approved
  • Replacement for Penny & Giles HLP220 linear potentiometer
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SLS220 - Linear Displacement Sensor

With a mounting flange to allow easy installation and housed within a high strength Nylatron® housing, providing good chemical resistance and low weight.

Suited to OEM and process monitoring applications, this new sensor replaces the obsolete HLP220 model.



SLS220 Technical Brochure

Open Technical Brochure

SLS Declaration of Compliance

Open Declaration

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