WM-D10 - Twist Throttle Unit

WM-D10 - Twist Throttle Unit

The WM-D10 provides an electronic, twist-throttle solution for a wide range of handlebar applications including Motorcycles, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) or Personal Recreational Vehicles (PRV).
  • Suitable for industry-standard 1" handlebar
  • Non-contacting throttle sensor
  • 90° counter-clockwise, 20° clockwise rotational range
  • Dual-redundant output signals
  • Custom programming available
  • Dedicated 5V and 0V supply, per output
  • In-built vibration isolation
  • Environmentally robust IP67
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WM-D10 - Twist Throttle Unit

The throttle utilises non-contacting, Hall-effect sensor technology to provide a dual-redundant-output architecture, with the second signal being a fixed relation to the main drive signal. A vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) can therefore perform comparisons between the throttle’s two outputs, in order to ensure it is operating correctly. Both outputs are linear and are directly proportional to absolute sensor shaft rotation. In addition, each output has its own 5V and ground supply connections, thereby implementing a truly dual-redundant system. Incorporation of a vibration damper means the throttle sensor maintains a consistent signal strength no matter how, or where, the vehicle is being driven.

The throttle has a rotation range of 90 degrees counter-clockwise, and a 20 degrees clockwise rotation to allow control of a cruise control function. The final rotational information can be programmed to meet a customer’s exact requirements.

The design of the WM-D10 means it is exceptionally robust across a wide range of environmental conditions, including: water immersion, pressure washing, salt spray, a variety of chemicals, dust and mud; while connection to the unit is via an industry-standard integrated connector or flying lead.


WM-D10 Product Brochure

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