Human-Machine Interface

Human-Machine Interface

Custom-designed human-machine interface consoles for agricultural and construction.

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Human-Machine Interface

Human-machine interface (HMI) consoles are specifically designed for a wide array of vehicle functions brought to a central console for operator convenience and efficiency. The example shown is for a harvester combine with throttle and thresher head controls, as well as lights and other system functions. Working closely with the vehicle OEM, Curtiss-Wright engineers develop complete console assemblies that easily install into agricultural and construction equipment, while making the operator’s tasks much easier to perform, improving efficiency and safety, and reducing ergonomic pressures.

Each console is a unique design, custom-built for the vehicle it serves. This flexibility gives the vehicle OEM unprecedented control over vehicle functions as well as location and position for levers and displays. By combining all of these features into a single assembly, Curtiss-Wright helps vehicle OEMs streamline manufacturing process and final assembly of their agricultural and construction vehicles.


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