HM Grip Option

HM Grip Option

The HM Grip, which is available as a right-hand option, offers a wide range of non-contacting rollers and push-button switch combinations along with an FNR option in the rear panel.
  • Designed primarily for Telehandlers 
  • Ergonomic Grips 
  • Stand-alone or fitted to JC6000 or JC8100 joystick 
  • Hall-effect sensor technology
  • Choice of  CAN or voltage outputs
  • Optional left or right roller overpress
  • Center-reference signal 
  • Switches rated for 1 million cycles and rollers for 2 million cycles 
  • Enclosure sealing to IP67
  • EMC performance to 100V/m
  • Integrated Connector (CAN) of Flying-Lead termination (Analogue) 
  • Customizable Face Plate colors and logo option
  • Backlit option
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HM Grip Option

A contoured front panel means the rollers are within an easy sweep of an operator’s thumb, while the switch arrays are angled to allow for similarly convenient actuation. Further customization is possible with OEM logo/text embossed on front panel with an additional choice of 32 logos which can be printed in each of the switches, with or without a backlit option.

The controls on the rear panel are situated to provide comfortable operation with a first finger. To further enhance operator comfort, the handle is oriented to lean forwards and inwards. 

Non-contacting, Hall-effect sensing technology ensures smooth operation and a long life, while a center-reference signal, enhance overall system safety. 

The stand-alone grip is available as CAN Open, CAN J1939 (both fitted with Deutsch connector) or on request a 5V analogue electrical interface supplied with a flying lead to enable a customer to choose their preferred connector.

In addition, the HM Grip can be supplied fitted to a JC6000 or JC8100 joystick. 

Careful material selection ensures maximum robustness to impact, liquids, and dust, with the enclosure being sealed to IP67 and an EMC performance level of 100V/m.

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