JC6000 - Rugged Multi-Axis Joystick Controller

JC6000 - Rugged Multi-Axis Joystick Controller

The JC6000 rugged, CANbus joystick controller is designed for demanding operator control applications in off-highway vehicles and other human-machine interfaces (HMI), where strength, reliability and grip functionality are important. 

  • Rugged design with superior lever strength
  • Single- or dual-axis control
  • Range of ergonomic handle designs
  • Hall-effect or potentiometric sensing
  • Analog or CAN outputs
  • Sealed above panel to IP66
  • Safety features - switch/logic functions
  • Superb proportional control
  • Easily installed and interchangeable with model JC600
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JC6000 - Rugged Multi-Axis Joystick Controller

The JC6000 is available with single- or dual-axis configurations and can be supplied with non-contact, Hall-effect sensors or long-life joystick potentiometer The compact size, high lever strength and superb proportional control are ideal for applications which include operator controls on a wide range of off-highway vehicles, including cranes, loaders, excavators, access platforms, tractors and harvesters.


  • Long life and maintenance-free operation
  • Suited to a range of operator control functions
  • Rugged and smooth lever movement
  • Operation in hostile environments
  • Enables user configuration for system safety
  • Additional operator control functions
  • Simple installation
  • Improved performance within the same footprint


  • Hall effect or potentiometric sensing
  • Single or dual axis control
  • High strength lever with superb proportional control
  • Sealed above the panel to IP66
  • Choice of outputs and switches
  • Choice of handles/grips with or without switches
  • AMP 040 series multi-lock connectors
  • Interchangeable with JC600 model

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