JC8000 - Rugged Multi-Axis Joystick Controller

JC8000 - Rugged Multi-Axis Joystick Controller

The JC8000 offers an extremely rugged joystick solution, with a wide variety of grip options. 

  • Extremely robust design for arduous applications
  • Center detent for enhanced return-to-center performance
  • Under-panel depth has been minimized to 78mm
  • Pivot-point position minimizes grip cable flex
  • Rated for 5-million cycles
  • Hall-effect sensor technology
  • Dual outputs with sense options
  • Electronics sealed to IP69k
  • Can be supplied as ‘base-only’
  • More functions, e.g. CAN interface, to follow
  • Multiple grip options
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JC8000 - Rugged Multi-Axis Joystick Controller

The JC8000 rugged joystick controller is designed for demanding operator control applications in off-highway vehicles, where extreme strength, reliability, and handle functionality are critical.

The JC8000 is supplied with a non-contact, Hall-effect sensing system for maximum operational life. The compact size, high lever strength and superb proportional control are ideal for applications in physically demanding working conditions - such as skid steer loaders controls.


JC8000 Technical Information

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