WM607 - Panel Mounted Regulating Valve

WM607 - Panel Mounted Regulating Valve

A Panel-Mounted Regulating Valve.

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WM607 - Panel Mounted Regulating Valve

The WM-607 three-way panel-mounted regulating valve with a variety of output ranges. When a WM-606 valve’s control handle is applied, the valve opens to regulate pressure delivery to the outlet in proportion to the handle’s position. As the handle is returned to neutral, air pressure at the valve’s outlet is released through the exhaust port. The WM-607 features a friction adjustment which restricts or allows free movement of the handle.

The WM-607 valves are commonly used to provide hand control of vehicular spring breaks. They are also used as marine throttle controls. This device meets the pressure test requirements specified in “Marine Engineering Regulations” (CG-115).


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