RVDT - RVDTs for Industrial & Motorsport Applications

RVDT - RVDTs for Industrial & Motorsport Applications

Penny & Giles RVDTs for industrial applications are legacy products that are custom manufactured to specific order requirements. This rugged, high-integrity RVDT displacement transducer is designed for operation in harsh automotive and motorsport environments, including high temperture operation.

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RVDT - RVDTs for Industrial & Motorsport Applications

  • No contact between the sensing elements
  • Precision, low-torque bearings
  • Infinite resolution
  • Temperature range -40° to +180°C
  • Rugged design with titanium housing
  • High-integrity coils, screen and connection assemblies
  • Corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel drive shaft

The design elements employed have evolved from the technology and experience gained over 50 successful years in the aerospace/military sensor market, where performance and reliability under extreme operating conditions are paramount.

PDFs: CW-IG-OverviewBrochure.pdf motorsport_brochure.pdf msrvdt_brochure.pdf ucm_brochure.pdf ucm_de_brochure.pdf

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