SCM100 - DC/DC Driver for LVDTs

SCM100 - DC/DC Driver for LVDTs

The SCM100 LVDT signal-conditioning module has been designed specifically to operate with the AF111 and AF145 range of LVDTs, and to make using an LVDT as simple as using a linear potentiometer.

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable for use with Penny & Giles AF series LVDT transducers
  • Choice of DC input supply voltages
  • Range of voltage or current output signals
  • DIN rail package
  • User-adjustable span and zero settings on all cards.
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SCM100 - DC/DC Driver for LVDTs

This module incorporates a high performance circuit which drives the LVDT in a ratiometric configuration, thereby maximising system accuracy by eliminating effects caused by temperature and supply current variations.

Supplied in a DIN rail enclosure to suit EN50022/EN50035 rails, complete with a set-up guide.



SCM100 Product Brochure

Open Product Brochure

SCM100 Installation Guide

Open Guide

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