i-Drive - Permanent Magnet Motor Controller

i-Drive - Permanent Magnet Motor Controller

The i-Drive Controller is an extremely cost effective, but advanced, traction controller.

  • Permanent magnet motor control
  • Range of power ratings
  • 24V or 36V system voltages
  • Extremely compact with a minimal footprint
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i-Drive - Permanent Magnet Motor Controller

The i-Drive provides a combination of features, protection, and cost-effectiveness unmatched by any other controller on the market today. It is available in multiple output versions for 45A, 70A, 140A, 180A, and 200A power outputs for both 24V and 36V system voltages and employs the latest motor control algorithms for smooth and precise control. 

In addition to the primary motor output, the i-Drive features three auxiliary outputs with programmable operating modes and timers. These outputs can be used to drive solenoid brakes, brush and vacuum relays, warning alarms, or similar devices.

The i-Drive permanent magnet motor speed controller has been designed specifically for applications such as walk-behind floorcare machines and small materials handling vehicles. The i-drive throttle controller provides a combination, protection and cost-effectiveness unmatched by any other controller on the market today.

The idrive throttle controller functions provide full protection against electrical faults and wiring errors in the harshest environments. In addition, they are sealed against water ingress to IPx5, and when the optional connector sealing system is fitted, the cable connections are protected to IPx4.


  • Advanced drive algorithm
  • Three programmable auxiliary outputs
  • Battery lockout function
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Powerful onboard diagnostics & trip log
  • Low input impedance
  • Hours run timer
  • Powerful onboard diagnostics
  • System error log
  • Electronics sealed to IPx5
  • Compact, small footprint
  • Self-protecting outputs
  • UL recognized component

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