ICS100 - In-Cylinder Linear Displacement Sensor

ICS100 - In-Cylinder Linear Displacement Sensor

Designed specifically for use in hydraulic actuator applications, where the linear displacement sensor is fitted inside the pressurised environment.

  • Competitively priced - cost of servo systems reduced.
  • Integrated with actuator design - eliminates damage to externally fitted sensors.
  • Removable slider assembly - simple to install.
  • Cable integrally moulded - maximum sealing and strain relief
  • Rapid despatch - eliminates customer inventory
  • CE approved - confidence in EMC performance
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ICS100 - In-Cylinder Linear Displacement Sensor

Available in a choice of two mounting styles (Internal or External), these linear displacement sensors can be supplied in lengths to suit actuator strokes up to 1100mm. Extended lengths to 1600mm can also be supplied - please contact our application engineers about your requirement.


The ICS100 brochure includes a two page guide to assist cylinder designers determine the key dimensions.

Operating fluids - caution

The ICS100 has been tested for use in mineral oils only.

We do not recommend this sensor for use:-

  • In systems containing water based fluids (e.g. water glycol)

  • In systems containing oil with zinc additives present

  • Where system filtration allows particles greater than 10 microns in size

Information provided on product applications should be used by customers for guidance only. Customers should satisfy themselves of the actual performance requirements and subsequently the suitability for any particular design application and the environment in which the ICS100 is to be used. If you have any doubt about the content, cleanliness or filtration levels of your fluid, we recommend the use of the Penny+Giles contactless in-cylinder transducer range - see  product details on the ICT series.



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