SRH761-2 Non-Contacting Rotary Sensor

SRH761-2 Non-Contacting Rotary Sensor

The SRH761-2 electrically isolated dual-output, contactless, rotary sensor has been specially developed to meet the harsh operating requirements of heavy-duty, industrial position-sensing applications. This model includes environmental protection of the electronics to IP69K and options for Voltage, Current or PWM output.

  • Non-contacting, Hall-effect technology
    • Long-life, high performance measurement, “Fit and Forget” for optimal cost of ownership
  • Fully Sealed Electronics
    • Shaft is isolated from Electronics to ensure absolute integrity in any environment
  • Voltage, Current and PWM output options
    • Customer selectable outputs for seamless integration with your control system
  • Zinc-aluminum alloy body with IP68 and IP69K sealing
    • Rugged Design with engineered polymer bearings enabling 2kg side load capability, for reliable measurement in harsh environments
  • Single or Dual output configurations
    • Industry leading dual die sensor technology offers dual redundancy to suit the needs of safety-rated systems (e.g. ISO11452, IEC61508)
  • Electrical protection to ISO7637 and ISO11452
    • Providing confidence in operation and reducing the need for replacement
  • MTTF’d >150 years
    • Safety first for "peace of mind"
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SRH761-2 Non-Contacting Rotary Sensor

With its non-contacting operation, mechanical and electrical protection, and output redundancy options, the SRH76x range of shaft-operated rotary position sensors offer designers the optimal combination of performance, safety and cost.

Developed and tested specifically for reliability in the harshest of environments, the SRH76x will run directly from 12 or 24Vdc battery systems, its internal circuitry providing transient protection to ISO7637 test pulse 1-5.

With a seal and bearing life in excess of 20 million operations, the sensor’s shaft and magnet are mounted in a blind cavity, ensuring a best in class IP67, IP68 and IP69K electronics sealing.

Standard features include; <±0.4% linearity and 12-bit resolution, an industry standard M12 connector interface, M6 mounting holes, and a choice between voltage (0.5-4.5Vdc, 0.2-4.8Vdc or 0-10Vdc), current (4-20mA), or digital PWM (244, 500 or 1000Hz) outputs.

Our customer selectable working angle from 20° to 360° ensures optimised 12-bit resolution and full-scale output signal over the working angle for maximum output sensitivity.


SRH761-2 Technical Brochure

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