SRS880 - Submersible Rotary Sensor

SRS880 - Submersible Rotary Sensor

The SRS880 submersible rotary sensor has been specially developed to meet the harsh operating requirements of  today´s heavy duty industrial position-sensing applications.
This model can operate at a submerged depth of 2m (6.5 feet).

  • Rugged 88mm housing design, now available in aluminium or stainless steel
  • Superior shaft strength with double-bearing support.
  • Sealed to IP68M - tested to 2m depth
  • Electrical angles from 10 to 350° in 10° increments
  • M12 connector for easy installation.
  • Mating cabled socket with 2m or 5m cable length
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SRS880 - Submersible Rotary Sensor

The SRS880 uses the proven long life Penny & Giles hybrid potentiometer track technology (conductive plastic on wire), providing high stability under extremes of temperature and humidity, with virtually infinite resolution and a life in excess of 20-million operations.

World-leading availability - we can supply any one of 35 different angles in less than 10 days from ordering -faster than our competitors.

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