WM-900 - Non-Contact Sensors - Dual Hall-Effect

WM-900 - Non-Contact Sensors - Dual Hall-Effect

A solid-state rotary position sensor that provides a dual linear output voltage proportional to absolute shaft rotation in either direction from a reference angle.

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WM-900 - Non-Contact Sensors - Dual Hall-Effect

The WM-900 works on the Hall-effect principle, wherein the magnet rotates in the sensor rotor and the Hall-effect sensor is mounted to the stationary body. When the magnet, which is mounted on the rotor, is rotated from the low end stop to the high end stop, there is a change in the magnetic field angle sensed by the Hall-effect sensor. The change in the magnetic field angle results in a varying voltage, current or PWM duty cycle depending on sensor configuration.

This highly configurable sensor is able to support a broad range of customer requirements. This design allows for printed circuit board assembly (PCA) configurations for a wide variety of output signals, actuation forces and is able to operate as a standalone sensor, with rotor and magnet, or mate up to an external magnet.

Typical output signals can include:

  • Two electrically isolated APS circuits
  • One APS and up to two IVS circuits
  • Two electrically isolated PWM circuits
  • Two electrically isolated current output up to 20mA
  • Two APS with one IVS circuit

Ratings are as follows:


  • EMC/EMI Resistance per SAE J1113-1


  • Packard Electric “Metri-Pack” Series 150 Connector (standard)
  • Up to 360° of rotation
  • 10-million endurance cycles


  • Williams Controls Environmental Test Specification WDS-010
  • Ingress protection ratings IP67, IP68 and IP69k


These specifications represent the expected minimum performance of the sensor. This information does not constitute a warranty that the product will meet the above specifications while used in specific applications or test equipment. Specific requirements may vary, based on the sensor configuration.

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