Transmission Specific - Shift Selectors

Transmission Specific - Shift Selectors

We design and build custom pushbutton shifters for automatic transmissions and automated manual transmissions. Each new design is grounded firmly on our decades of pushbutton engineering excellence, reliable manufacturing processes, and industry leading on-time deliveries. 

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Transmission Specific - Shift Selectors

We have developed the most popular pushbutton shifters for Automatic and Automated Manual Transmissions used in Medium & Heavy-Duty vehicles around the world.

Our Pushbutton Shifters feature our industry-leading switch module which delivers exceptional durability and tactile feel. We  use a short plunger assembly underneath the overlay, so no matter where on the surface of the switch a person presses, dead-center or off-center, the tactile feel is the same. Our proprietary Aging Cycle Test ensures that the switch never loses the tactile ratio and tactile feel over millions of actuations, giving our controls legendary durability and longevity in the field.

We have taken this proven technology and developed a universal CAN capable electronic shift selector which can be custom-programmed to meet application specific needs. 


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