JC3000 - Finger-Operated Joystick Controller

JC3000 - Finger-Operated Joystick Controller

The JC3000 finger operated joystick controller is designed for applications requiring a simplistic approach to fingertip control, where strength and reliability are important.

  • Single- or dual-axis operation
  • Rugged design using cast components
  • Protected to IP66 above the flange
  • Range of fingertip handle styles
  • Superb proportional control with analog and center/directional switched outputs
  • Choice of track resistance values and output ranges
  • Switched output option with detent feel - up to five positions in each half axis
  • Long operational life
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JC3000 - Finger-Operated Joystick Controller

The joystick can be specified as a dual axis or single axis controller, and comes with a range of user-defined features that provide unique functionality for numerous applications.

The JC3000 can be specified to generate up to 5 switched outputs per half axis, or analog potentiometer and switched center/directional reference signals. Optional mechanical detents that coincide with the switched output points can also be specified, providing operator feedback to the angular position of the joystick lever.

The joystick lever can accommodate a choice of different handle types, but no additional switch functions are available in the handles. The finger operated joystick is intended to be mounted in a protected environment, on applications such as a vehicle cab, control room or remote-control chest packs, and has IP66 protection above the mounting flange.


JC3000 Brochure

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